About us

We create meaningful brand & marketing experiences, where people actually feel connected to the message you want to convey.

Emotional Connections

AIE Creative develops brand strategies, produces events, and immersive experiences, creates content, and facilitates connections.  

We design experiences that are highly engaging, ignite passion, and create an emotional connection.

Cultural Alchemy

The by-product of all of this is cultural alchemy.  Experiences that inspire and stimulate people to perceive and engage with the world in powerful new ways.

By maintaining a culture-centric approach, digging deep, and intense curation and introspection. We turn observations into insights, interest into a passion, and customers into advocates.

Brand Strategy

Breaks from the ordinary approach and creates unique value

Ignite passion

Identifies with brands and leverages their target audiences

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Unique Experiences

Creates highly engaging, meaningful and lasting experiences

Emotional connection

Sparks passion for your brand and generates interactions